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Offering you the peace of mind of a positive college admissions outcome.

Prep U4 Success is delighted that you have found us, and we are happy to help with your college admissions endeavor! Prep U4 Success is a college admissions consulting company that guides college-bound students to be successful in making one of the most important decisions of their lives.

We are very familiar on how overwhelming the college admissions process is and the stress experienced by high school students and parents because of this.
That is where Prep U4 Success steps in! We take out the stress and make sure that you have every key piece of information to make the most informed college decision.

Our experienced college admissions team provides you steps, strategies and timesaving tips. Prep U4 Success educates students and their parents on what prep needs to be done, when to do it and how to be successful in doing it. Obtain acceptance at the school of your dreams and take control of your college admission outcome. Contact Prep U4 Success now, you will be glad you acted!

Prep U4 Success™

College Admissions Service Offerings

Look no further for answers...

College admissions prep starts at the beginning of Freshman year building upon each grade through their Senior year. Prep U4 Success will work with you to realize your college admissions prep targets every year. We know that each scholar is unique and we customize our services for their success. Whether you are looking for specific college admissions guidance or someone to steer you through the entire process, Prep U4 Success can help. Choose the service offering that best meet your individual needs.

PrepU4Success Physical and Virtual Book - Independent College Admissions Experts

Prep U4 Success Workbook
Digital or Printed

In one place, the answers and tools needed to accomplish the college admissions process successfully.

PrepU4Success Consultations - Independent College Admissions Experts

Prep U4 Success Workshop
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PrepU4Success Consultations - Independent College Admissions Experts

Prep U4 Success Consultation
Free or Paid

Our consultations will help you to get started and answer specific questions applicable to your unique situation.

Prep U4 Success™

College Admissions Workbook

The core of our offerings!

Under the direction of John Russo (The Prep Guy), Prep U4 Success has developed an extensive college admissions workbook. This workbook is the core of our service offerings and the number one single resource available on the college admissions process. The sole guide you will ever need to steer the college acceptance process. Here are some of the themes covered in our college admissions workbook.

Prep-U4-Success-READY-SET-PREP-academic-performance-New-Hanover-County-NC - Independent College Admissions Experts


The College Admissions process starts as early as Freshman year of high school. A solid academic record is key in achieving requirements for college admissions. It is more than grades though, it is about who the student is as a whole.

Prep-U4-Success-A-PARENT-GUIDE-college-admissions-New-Hanover-County-NC - Independent College Admissions Experts


Be encouraging and express confidence in your student’s college aspirations. Determine the amount of financial aid you will be able to contribute per year. Support your student as they work through the college admissions process.

Prep-U4-Success-KNOWLEDGE-IS-POWER-college-admissions-New-Hanover-County-NC - Independent College Admissions Experts


Here you find a glossary of Terms as well as key vetted websites to be utilized when searching for admissions guidance. With an understanding of the process, you can now begin to determine where and how to choose a college.

Prep-U4-Success-college-admissions-TO-BE-CONSIDERED-New-Hanover-County-NC - Independent College Admissions Experts


A two-year college, technical or business school? What about a gap year? Know the requirements for the Athletic or Visual and Performing Arts Student. Also find accommodations made for the Special Needs or Foster Youth student.

Prep-U4-Success-THE-FUNDAMENTALS-college-admissions-UNC-New-Hanover-County-NC - Independent College Admissions Experts


Find guidance here on the importance of the College Resume and the ingredients for writing an effective essay. How letters of recommendation will make a difference and finally, why and how to interview with the college admissions teams.

Prep-U4-Success-WHAT-IS ONLINE-college-admissions-New-Hanover-County-NC - Independent College Admissions Experts


While freedom of speech is important, the internet has a long memory. So who are they on social media? College Admissions counselors are not looking for dirt on applicants, but their online persona should match who they are in real life.

Prep-U4-Success-college-admissions-DECISIONS-New-Hanover-County-NC - Independent College Admissions Experts


College fairs and visits are now offered virtually. Research colleges you are interested in and prepare to ask questions. Max your time with the College Admissions advisor so they understand more about you than what is on your transcript.

Prep-U4-Success-Wilmington-Get-Financial-Aid-for-College-SHOW-ME-THE-MONEY - Independent College Admissions Experts


The sticker price of college can be shocking! There are ways to make it more affordable. We offer paths to hidden scholarships, grants, work study and understanding financial aid packages. We also offer tips on filling out the FAFSA.

Prep-U4-Success-FINAL-THOUGHTS-college-admissions-New-Hanover-County-NC - Independent College Admissions Experts


They have received their acceptance letter or possibly multiple ones. Now what? Time to decide which college offers the best fit from activities to curriculum. Understand the scope of the financial aid package before final decision is made.


An investment in your student’s future
John’s broad understanding of the complexity and details of the college admissions process makes his workshops the place to gain the knowledge to navigate it effectively. He has it all; step-by-step with timelines and vetted websites. An investment in time spent at these workshops is an investment in your student’s future.
Dr. Veronica Henry
Former Executive Assistant to the President/Chief Diversity Officer State University of NY Farmingdale State College
Understandable and invaluable to both parents and students
Prep U4 Success is a program based on John’s prior experience gained in NY. The content in this workbook and delivered in this workshop is complete, built in a step-by-step process and delivered in a manner that is understandable and invaluable to both parents and students.
Drew Fawcett
Associate Dean for Institutional Advancement State University of New York Suffolk County Community College
Knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it effectively
John delivers a step-by-step College Admissions workshop in a manner that makes this information understandable, timely and knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it effectively.
Cynthia L. Smith. M.S. ‘96
Assistant Dean of Students Director of Pipeline Initiatives and Partnerships Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Committed and really understands the college admissions process
I had the pleasure to work side-by-side with John during his prior career in NY. He is personable, knowledgeable, creative, patient, committed and really understands the college admissions process. Our work in the Long Island STEM Hub was a beneficiary of his talent and integration of his knowledge when developing our communication materials.
Ken White
Founding Director Portal to Discovery Office of Educational Programs Brookhaven National Laboratory Upton, NY
Prep U4 Success workshops demystifies this process
As a father of a son and a daughter, both with master’s degrees, John understands first hand how overwhelming the College Admissions process can be. The information he provides during his Prep U4 Success workshops demystifies this process; empowering both student and parent, which helps to relieve the uncertainty and anxiety that is so often experienced.
Dr. Christine Veloso
Co-Director Department of Technology and Society Science & Technology Entry Program (STEP) Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) Stony Brook University
John’s in-depth knowledge of the college admissions process
John’s in-depth knowledge of the college admissions process was born out of both his personal experience as a parent and as a National Account Manager for Colleges & Universities while working for a major newspaper in NY. His willingness and ability to share this informative program with students and parents is invaluable to families going through this process.
Michael Cruz
Admissions Representative Universal Technical Institute Bloomfield, NJ
The workbook alone that they provide is invaluable!
As a parent of a home-schooled student, I can attest first hand to the strength and depth of the information that John and JoAnn at Prep U4 Success offer. The workbook alone that they provide is invaluable! Stop looking for answers to questions you may not even know need to be asked and attend one of their workshops. You will not regret this investment and decision!
Eileen Rainier
Parent & Homeschooled Teacher of 2018 HS Graduate Samantha Wilmington, NC
Helped us to compare and contrast all of the schools
Having the workbook has helped us to feel organized, informed, and confident as we attempt to choose the college that will be the best fit for our daughter. It is an amazing resource that has helped us to compare and contrast all of the schools.
Pam & Greg Clayborn
Parents of Class of 2019 Student Hailey Clarksville, Ohio
With his insight and direction
As the Deputy Director of the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island, NY I was able to call upon John to work with us to develop our signature aviation education resource guide. With his insight and direction, our first K-12 educational piece became a reality.
Jennifer Baxmeyer
Deputy Director Cradle of Aviation Museum Garden City, NY
Attentive to his clients and takes personal responsibility
Our marketing efforts were impacted positively by John’s expertise and knowledge in higher education marketing. He is attentive to his clients and takes personal responsibility for providing accurate and solid information.
Leanna Yip
Executive Director Marketing & Communications City University of New York Baruch College
John is like a caregiver
John is like a caregiver – giving of himself so parents and students make it on their journey through the college admissions process. The blueprint he developed in New York will be just as effective and well received in North Carolina.
Rich Reizovic
Director of Print Media J L Media Union, New Jersey
Effective research and content was useful
As the Northwell Health Systems Workforce Readiness Corporate Director, I called upon John to share his knowledge of the future opportunities for IT positions in the health industry with our team. His effective research and content was useful and was received positively by all those in attendance.
Cheryl Davidson
Corporate Director Workforce Readiness Northwell Health Systems Manhasset, NY