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Prep U4 Success

About Prep U4 Success

Who is

Prep U4 Success

Prep U4 Success is an independent college admissions consulting  company that provides the expertise and assistance  needed for college-bound students to be successful in making one of the most important decisions of their lives.  We are based in Wilmington, NC and since 2016 we have been effectively offering college admissions guidance  to students and their families locally and nationwide.

College admissions prep is more than grades, test scores, financial planning, and a killer essay. In fact, it is a lengthy process  that starts at the Freshman year building upon each grade through their Senior year. Prep U4 Success specializes in the entire college admissions process  and we will help you realize your college admissions prep  goals every year.

Through the Prep U4 Success college admissions workbook  and workshops its’ founder, John Russo – The Prep Guy – has supplied you with the number one single resource where all the admissions information you need comes together in one place.

Our college admissions consulting team provides the steps, strategies and time-saving tips that educate students and their parents on what prep needs to be done, when to do it and how to successfully achieve acceptance at the school of their dreams.

We understand that each student is unique and, therefore, we customize the level of college admissions assistance we provide to ensure their individual success. Whether you are looking for specific college admissions guidance or someone to steer you through the entire process, Prep U4 Success can help.

You are going to be so pleased and happy you chose us, you will want to tell others about

Prep U4 Success!


Prep U4 Success


This is how Prep U4 Success ensures a positive college admissions  outcome:

Research and Vetting

Did the research and vetting and have compiled all the information necessary for college admissions prep.

Saves You Time

Eliminates the need for you to spend countless hours online searching for information on college admissions requirements, financial aid, the college essay, the college resume….. the list goes on.

Necessary Information and Tools

Provides students and their parents the information and tools necessary to navigate the college admissions process successfully and informatively.

Timelines and Detailed Planning

Supplies timelines and detailed planning forms that keep you on point ensuring you will not miss an important deadline.

Workbook, Workshop and Virtual Consultations

Offered nationally is our step-by-step Prep U4 Success college admissions workbook, virtual workshops and virtual one-on-one consultations.

Facilitate College Admissions

Facilitate college admissions for minorities through organizations, not-for-profits and youth groups to guide their success in this ever-evolving experience.

Gain Peace of Mind

by knowing that following this

college admission process

allows the


to stand out

amongst others

in more ways than

test scores.

Achieve College Admissions


Achieving college admissions success entails so much more than just meeting the college admissions requirements. 

It is about finding the college  with the right fit, the right curriculum, and making the life-changing decisions to succeed in the future. Our college admissions guidance  process directs you through this journey confidently ensuring you will not miss a key piece of information or deadline.

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