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Not-for-Profit, Businesses, Organizations, Corporations, or Places of Worship

What if you could provide a valuable service to members of your organization, fellow parishioners, students, or your employees …. something they would be truly grateful for?  Would you be interested in knowing about it?

Prep U4 Success is that service.  Bring us in to present our college admissions workshops to your members or employees.  We offer detailed information in a step-by-step group environment setting.  These workshops can be scheduled at a time that works best for the attendees. Companies hire us to come in and present this information as an employee benefit provided by you. 

Next steps?  Allow us the opportunity to speak with you to discuss the details of this program. Complete our Contact Us form or call us at 910-821-8692.

Sponsoring a

Workshop or Workbook

Philanthropists, businesses, Institutions, or private Individuals 

You will have the ability to be a benefactor to underprivileged children or parents by purchasing a virtual workshop at a subsidized rate of $49 per person or an online workbook at a subsidized rate of $15 per workbook.  As a sponsor, you will specify the number of candidates you wish to promote.  Sponsors have the option to designate a specific recipient or they can let Prep U4 Success select them.1

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