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  Our workshops deliver it all!

Get the College Admission  Advantage



Where has the time gone?  Just like that your child has grown up and is ready to start the process of college admissions . Are you prepared for this? Do you need college admissions  help ? The uncertainty of what needs to be done, when to do it and how to ensure you have not missed a key piece of information can weigh heavily upon you…. but not if you have prepared for it by attending one of our college admissions  workshops and taken our guidance.



As you begin to envision life on a college campus, hit the backspace key to the actual college admissions process.  Where do you begin?  How will you know what steps you need to take?  What is the timeline  for it all?  These answers and so much more can be found by attending one of our college admissions  workshops.

Description of

College Admissions Workshop

The objective of the Prep U4 Success workshop is to provide parents and students the comfort and confidence in knowing that you will receive more than just the steps to the process .  We provide complete information and college admissions guidance  in an easy and digestible manner.  No need to spend countless hours online looking up information.  The hunt is over! We have done it all providing you with an outstanding single-resource of this information.

The workshops will be live and interactive, offering parents, guardians, students, or mentors the opportunity to learn about the process  thoroughly. Spend 2 hours attending our interactive workshop and get it all!  We take you on a journey through the College Admissions process  offering key information beginning from Freshman year straight through to the moment the application  is submitted, they are accepted, and the student is packing for college. 

Our workshop encompasses a multitude of categories associated with this process.

Below are just a few topics covered in the College Admissions Workshop:

  • Hunting for financial aid
  • What matters most when choosing a college
  • Critical websites you need to know
  • Acing that college interview
  • What is the parent’s role in the admissions process?
  • How important are standardized tests?
  • How has the Pandemic affected all this?

and more…..



Our workshops are broken up into two offerings, i.e. the  Freshman – Sophomore workshop and Junior – Senior Workshop.  Chose the one that best meets your needs. Both of these workshops cover the complete process and include our online workbook. Make the most productive use of your time by choosing the one that best meets your needs.

Freshman and Sophomore years

The Freshman – Sophomore workshop focuses in depth on the beginning high school years while touching on what is to come in Junior and Senior years.  We call these the fundamental years.

Junior and Senior years 

The Junior – Senior workshop begins with reviewing foundational components specific to the Freshman – Sophomore years ensuring you have addressed them effectively. We then move to the Junior year – the most important year – where it is prime time to lay the groundwork for college admissions.  In fact, the year where a multitude of activities are required. And finally, culminating in the Senior year – the art of applying.  This is where the application process becomes finalized and the dream of acceptance becomes realized.



Virtual College Admissions Workshop

Delivered via Zoom: Attendees sign up online for their selected workshop which also includes unlimited access to the online version of the Prep U4 Success College Admissions Workbook.

Pricing:  $75

Virtual Online College Admissions Workshop Schedule:

  • Freshman – Sophomore Workshop: Every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Junior – Senior Workshop: Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

In-Person College Admissions Workshop

Offered within a 50-mile radius of Wilmington, NC: Attendees will sign up online to attend one of their selected scheduled workshops and will also receive a hardcopy of the Prep U4 Success College Admissions Workbook at the event location.

Pricing:  $99 – Note: Price include admission for 1 student and/or 1 parent/caregiver.

What is one of the benefits in attending a workshop whether virtually or in-person?  You gain a sense of security being amongst people that are in a similar situation and are searching for the same answers.  In a group setting another attendee may ask a question you never even thought of to ask but now benefit from hearing the answer. 

After completing one of the workshops, the one thing you will know for sure is how to navigate the complete college admissions process with confidence.