In-Person College Admissions Workshop



Offered within a 50-mile radius of Wilmington, NC.

Attendees will sign up online to attend one of their selected scheduled workshops and will also receive a hardcopy of the Prep U4 Success College Admissions Workbook at the event location.

Note: Price include admission for 1 student and/or 1 parent/caregiver.

What is one of the benefits in attending a workshop whether virtually or in-person?  You gain a sense of security being amongst people that are in a similar situation and are searching for the same answers.  In a group setting another attendee may ask a question you never even thought of to ask but now benefit from hearing the answer.

After completing one of the workshops, the one thing you will know for sure is how to navigate the complete college admissions process with confidence.

Workshop Type

Freshman – Sophomore Workshop, Junior – Senior Workshop


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