Prep U4 Success College Admissions Handbook – PRINTED VERSION


A quality print copy of the College Admissions Workbook  which includes bonus notes pages, worksheets, and checklists, all in a binder that allows you to add pages to the sections.

Topics covered in the College Admissions Workbook

By purchasing the Prep U4 Success College Admissions Workbook book, you will have, all in one place, the answers and tools needed to complete the entire admissions process  successfully.

You will learn about:

  • Tips on Writing A Killer Essay
  • How important Is The College Resume?
  • Finding Hidden Scholarships
  • Not Letting The FAFSA Drive You Crazy
  • Actionable Timelines & Vetted Websites
  • Scoring The Best Letters Of Recommendations
  • Acing That Interview

and so much more…

Introductory Bonus:

You will also receive a one-on-one consultation with the Prep Guy – John Russo

Objective of College Admissions Workbook

When it comes to the College Admissions Process, what we hear most from parents and students is to “just tell me what to do!”

The Prep U4 Success College Admissions Workbook was created and designed to offer a single resource that provides admissions guidance and expert advice.  It addresses all the necessary requirements associated with the preparation of applying to college.  This workbook  is complete and concise, written in an organized, understandable manner that carries you along the full four years of high school delivering step-by-step direction.




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